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Mid-Career Package

Exclusive rates to members of the BBG Dubai & N. Emirates

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Mid-Career Package

What You Get

  • positions from AED 150,000 – 300,000 p. a.
  • deposit required 30%
  • advice on your job posting
  • creation of job posting
  • use of client-provided video for social posts
  • sourcing candidates
  • initial screening
  • attitude assessment match
  • aptitude assessment match (role specific)
  • skills match
  • longlisting and shortlisting process
  • submission of up to 15 longlisted candidates
  • discussion with the hiring manager throughout
  • select up to 5 candidates for your shortlist
  • full screening interview with shortlisted candidates
  • full write-up on shortlisted candidates
  • right to work in UAE checked
  • references checked
  • 100% notification to all candidates
  • search continues until a candidate hired
  • Advanced Package:
  • hiring interviews scheduled on your behalf
  • full psychological assessment
  • administration of two client-provided assessments
  • concierge services while candidate in UAE

AED 10,000 – 13,500

What We Do

  • Our mid-career package provides full support through the recruiting process. You will be assigned a recruiter who will lead the search and be the person you work with throughout.
  • Once you have given us your expectations for the role, and the most likely person profile to fit that role, we take over from there and do all the work until presenting you with our preferred longlist.
  • You review the longlist and decide who should go forward on the shortlist.
  • We take over again and interview the shortlisted candidates. In the interview, we will explore any ideas or concerns you may have had when reviewing their CVs. The recruiting team will look into web searches and other data sources to get any further intelligence that’s available on the candidate.
  • Following the interviews, the recruiting team will meet with the assigned recruiter and psychologist, and the shortlisted candidates will be discussed from several perspectives. A written report will list each candidate’s pros and cons.
  • At this point, we will ask you to select the top 2 candidates from the shortlist and we’ll gather your feedback.
  • If you have selected someone, we will notify the other candidates that the role has closed and we will offer them some suggestions from our team on ways they might present better in the future. We want all applicants to feel good about applying for your roles.
  • We will hold the top two candidates while you make an offer and when that has been accepted, we will notify the unsuccessful candidate.
  • We will now obtain references to be sent to you or sent to us for checking.
  • If you cannot make an offer to the top two candidates, our assigned recruiter will look through additional applicants and the remainder on the shortlist. We will not stop until you have found the match you want.
  • We will check documents and backgrounds to make sure the candidate is likely to have or obtain the UAE right to work.
  • Advanced Package:
  • We will set up the interview schedules on your behalf and administer up to two assessments of your choosing
  • We perform a full psychological assessment of the candidate so you have a well-rounded view as to intelligence, skills, emotional intelligence, and likely fit with your culture.
  • Our concierge will take care of travel arrangements to the UAE and arrange things for the candidate while in the UAE.