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Our focus is end-to-end talent management.

For individuals, delivery of targeted, practical development when you need it. For organisations, delivery of a course up to full management of your people development program.

Find out more about your own development, or support developing your people.

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Cultural Change

Knowing what our workplace culture is and deciding if it is fit for purpose in the current environment is a pre-requisite for success if we value our people’s inventiveness and ingenuity as well as their effort. We help identify that culture and change it if need be.

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We’re changing the way we look at recruiting – seeing it as only a part of the talent lifecycle. Very few of today’s jobs have ready made pools of candidates just waiting. We start looking at the process from school leaver to experienced hire and dramatically reduce the time your hiring managers have to spend on this very important aspect of being an employer.

People Retention

We often advise that the most cost-effective way to recruit is not to loose people in the first place. We assist by designing career paths and evidence based performance planning that gives our team members something to aim for – at any and every level they work. When people feel they have something to aim for that aligns with their aptitude and aspirations, they feel valued and are less likely to leave.

Human Capital Support

“If staff, like machinery, were on the balance sheet, workplaces would look after them better”. We have heard this said and we agree with the sentiment. The way we look after them better is by a focus on the talent lifecycle. We assist workplaces in assessing who they’ve currently got, who they might need, and who needs to be developed and then we help to deliver all this.

Essential Life Skills

You would think they would teach these in schools”. We agree, but that is not happening which results in many of us facing difficulties in life and work by not having the right tools to address common human interaction situations. We can develop our life skills for free using the Skills Builder services, however, our Academy builds these skills and frameworks into all our development offerings so you can be assured we are not overlooking these essentials when developing people.

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