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2024 goals in the work place

A dark screen with 2 computer folders, one titled 2023 and the other, being clicked, 2024.

New Year, new start here we go…

You can make changes and get better at any point of a year but there is something so satisfying about a new year, that 1st January just seems so appealing and refreshing. It is a good time to have a think about some goals you may have, for your lifestyle, your personal, or work life, anywhere really. It also is a nice time to round up 2023, to go have a think about all that happened the previous year, not only thinking of areas where you could improve, but remembering all the achievements you made in the last 365 days.

It’s Heather here this week and right now I’m having a think about my 2023/2024. I don’t put pressure on myself to make a start and change instantly, mostly because on the 1st January (and following week) I’m simply too tired from all the festivities as the end of December is always a hectic time. Instead I just take my time to freshen up, be kind to myself, then when I’m ready I begin thinking about how I’d like to be living my life. Today I’m going to talk about some of my goals. 

Be more efficient

This is relating to in the work place, there are a lot of tasks I wish to complete and goals I would like to hit regarding my work. One way to make this easier for myself is to increase efficiency in the jobs I currently do, as I can’t keep adding tasks to the same amount of time and expect to get it all done! There are lots of tools and apps to help with tasks now, but it takes time to find and get to learn them which is what I usually put off, but taking a bit of extra time now will help in the long run. One thing I’m good at is writing lists and planning my week of work at the start of each week so I know what to expect, so this is something I already do and I wish to improve upon. 

Hit bi-monthly goals in my sector

I work mostly with social media for the business, but the time I spend on each activity can vary quite a lot depending on what else is going on in the business. This leads to inconsistencies in the time I spend on my regular tasks. I’m hoping that improving efficiency will help support me on the days where I don’t have much time for the social media work and I want to give myself achievable bi-monthly goals which I can review as I go. It may take a few months to understand and work out the best way to do this but this is something I wish to achieve this year. 

Continue a healthy morning routine before work

This is something that I am happy with and worked on last year, I wish to continue this. Flexible working from home can be difficult as it is very easy to get lazy, skipping breakfast and working in pyjama’s etc. But the majority of the time I am healthy with getting up, having a nice morning, eating breakfast, getting changed, and being ready for work. It helps keep me mentally and physically healthy.

Make sure to get up and move in winter

In summer I find it a lot easier to go out for a walk before work, during lunch, or after- often multiple times. But in winter I struggle with this a lot. The walk doesn’t need to be long, sometimes I just go 5 minutes down the road and back again after waking up, but sitting at a desk all day is not good for me and I need to prioritise this during the winter also as I can sometimes easily go for days without leaving the flat. 

These are just a few things I have been thinking of recently. I don’t like to overwhelm myself with too many goals and changes in one go as this makes it harder to stick to, I like to make some changes and get that to being comfortable and a routine, then add more and improve. I am looking forward to this year as I know in the last 3 years especially I have seen great improvements in my lifestyle which has lead to improvements in my mental health, and although things aren’t a straight upward trajectory, I am sure I will see more growth this year. Do you have any 2024 goals you’ve been thinking of recently? Let me know either in the comments or email if you’d like to chat.

Good luck for the new year, see you soon! 


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