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A Fresh Start? Start Afresh

Starting a new role? 

Then you have come to the right place!

Firstly we would love to offer you a huge congratulations on your new job/role from the achievement academy.

Starting a new job can be a little scary but it can be a very exciting and powerful experience, especially if it is a job you haven’t done before in the past.

Here are six tips we frequently share with our members:

  1. Be a little early – Being just 5 minutes early is  important because there is nothing that stands out more in a negative way than being late so you are sure to get some sort of point for being a little early
  2. Ensure you are presentable physically – When you meet your new colleagues then the first impression it is important to present yourself well as first impressions do count, such as making sure you smell nice, ensuring your hair is neat, or any clothes you are wearing are clean where possible. 
  3. Do not be afraid to ask questions – Asking questions may give someone else the answer too, also asking questions is a sign of wanting to learn and being inquisitive.
  4. Get a good nights sleep and prepare for the next day ahead – One thing that can help us getting your sleep/rest in because you will feel refreshed for the day ahead and be much more likely to tackle what ever the day brings.
  5. One thing is to remember on your first day and week is that everyone started somewhere which means everyone was new once even the CEO or manager of the company you are working at. Everyone learns and develops every day, learning and making mistakes is how us humans grow especially in a new job.
  6. Try to do everything best of your ability – If you go into a job half heartedly then it will be noticed but if you go with all of your energy to do the best you can at each task, the rewards will reap.

We can’t wait to hear about your new job/role and how your first week goes! 

Let us know if any of our tips worked for you or if you have any tips that we can share.

Good luck! 

The team at the Achievement Academy 

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