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A HR perspective on Dubai working culture.

My name is Sahar, and I am the business development director at Vision Achievement.

It was an amazing week spending time at the Arabian Travel Marketing Expo. While discussing with different companies, we figured out that there are different kinds of needs and requirements for talent and human resources. It was really exciting to see different types of cultures, designs, services, and products there. The Arabic music and classical music bands there in the exhibition were amazing. I had the chance to talk to aviation companies, airlines, and tourism and travel agencies during the week.

As I learned from them, if I want to mention what is the main concern in Dubai business regarding the recruitment issues that they face, I can say that they need to work on the retention and motivation of their human resources.

One of the main concerns was that they would jump from job to job just for a little salary increase. Some of them mentioned that even the candidates who have successfully passed the interview steps, even after signing the contract, refuse to join the company and change their minds easily, which is sad for the business and the managers.

That’s why we think getting the advantage of good HR tools and designing and implementing all the functions in the HR department would be the best solution for companies that are facing these kinds of issues.

Rather than just a competitive compensation and benefit policy, designing some purposeful non-cash allowances could be really considerable for the employees and make them more engaged with their current employers, such as family visa sponsorship, restaurant or sport club membership, etc. They could be helpful to keep employees engaged with the companies.

Imagine that the employees of a company are playing football once a week, getting rid of their positions, and just focusing on getting to know each other better and having fun together. This would have more and more effects on their lives and make them feel more engaged and confident about the company.

Some kind of family allowance, such as dental support, kids schools, or trainings—how much could it be helpful to make an engagement between the company and the families of the employees?

I found Dubai to be an amazing city for setting up a business. You can see a lot of expat families work there and leave there with the same culture, and they seem to be very aligned. Besides the modernity of this city, seeing people speaking English fluently, following the same culture, and having integrity makes Dubai a unique place to live and work.

Seeing all these different cultures and learning more is essential in our recruiting company. It is so important to travel and to keep on adapting and taking in new information. You can check out our flat-fee recruiting packages on our website here:

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Thanks, Sahar.

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