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Make a Real Difference

Real change occurs when people shift their opinions and attitudes through a deep and meaningful understanding of an issue and then modify behaviour to match that new understanding. We have seen this happen time and again thanks to very forward-thinking leaders. Now we can bring this to YOU.

You already have many of the skills needed, which may surprise you. We know that using your skills alongside our proven process for change makes change happen. Our coaches will help you throughout your journey to complete one cycle of the change process (usually six months). After that, they remain by your side, virtually, to answer the questions or issues that inevitably arise.

As a Certified DEI Facilitator, you will have the skills and confidence to help small groups start a new conversation about DEI, and have them make commitments to small changes, resulting in real changes to the attitudes of awareness of others. We know that legislation, policies, and training have helped the cause over the past 30+ years but we still clearly have a long way to go. You can be a DEI Facilitator as an independent practitioner or as a workplace facilitator. Either way, you wish to go, we are on hand to make you successful.

Four Steps to Certification

1. Intensive Learning Sessions

Online learning supplemented with live webinars

  • Tools and techniques
  • Process and procedures
  • Sample invitational and admin messages
  • Key human skills topics
  • Supporting research and references
  • Full supporting package

2. Create Learning Sets

Finding and establishing your first full group.

  • How to invite your first participants
  • Gaining their trust and engagement
  • Establishing ground rules for your learning set
  • Feedback mechanisms to keep a check on progress
  • Techniques to diffuse tense situations
  • Mentoring support throughout

3. Facilitate First Team

Leading the learning set through the process

  • Lead through the process – listen and watch
  • Suggested agendas and topic lists to support
  • Reference sources to provide to participants
  • Quick mentoring session following each session
  • Full support through the process

4. Assessment, Certification

Feedback, mentoring, certification

  • Feedback from you
  • Feedback from participants
  • Improvement of technique (yours and ours)
  • Ideas for the future
  • One final assessment
  • Certification!