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Exam-Help Blogs

Exam-Help Blogs

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: May 20, 2022

It’s exam season so we’ll keep this one short. 

It’s Heather this week and I have googled to find the best online, exam-help, quick-read blogs so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found:

1)  Birmingham City – Six Best Revision Techniques.

This brilliant short blog has videos and revision techniques, including some weird ones you might not have heard of or tried before! Some of these are really interesting and worth paying attention to.

2) Top Universities- Six Useful Tips for Surviving the University Exam Season?

University might sound, and feel, like a long time away right now, but they understand that you’re too busy to be reading through ’20 of the best study tips’ so have kept a short, concise list of 6 tips.

3) The Ofqual Blog- What sorts of things might help you prepare for exams?

I didn’t know the information made a blog until I found this. Focussing on emotions and how to manage your well-being this blog is personal and offers kind words to help you. It also has some UK based helplines which could come in useful if you’re really struggling with the stress and emotions are getting overwhelming. 

Finally, a tip from myself. When searching the internet I found this brilliant infographic which is important to pay attention to. Everyone learns differently and you and your best friend may have completely different learning styles, so have a look and see what you feel works best for you and once you know your learning style you can search for methods specific to that. 

So GOOD LUCK to all those with exams at the moment. It’s a very tough time and people can place a lot of pressure on you but just take it all in your stride and see what happens.

We, at the Vision Achievement Academy will be thinking of you all.

Best of Luck,


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