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ADVISORY Package – Mid Career Level


What You Get

  • positions from £40,000 p.a. up to £80,000 p. a.
  • advice on your job description and job posting (content & methods)
  • creation of job posting
  • sourced candidates
  • cultural assessment match
  • initial screening
  • initial interview with most promising candidates
  • attitude assessment match
  • aptitude assessment match (role specific)
  • skills match
  • submission of up to 10 candidates in the long list
  • choose up to 5 for your short list
  • secondary interview with your short list
  • receive write up on your short list candidates
  • 100% notification to candidates
  • start search at any time after the purchase (no limit)
  • search continues until a candidate hired


What We Do

  • Our advisory package provides you advice and guidance through the recruiting process. You will be assigned a lead recruiter who will manage the search and be the person you work with most of the time.
  • Once you have given us your expectations for the role to be filled, and the most likely person to fit the role, we take over from there and do all the work until presenting you with our recommended candidate long list.
  • At this level, we review prior operational and project experience and match it to your needs. We look for emerging leadership in technical and human factors and validate the candidate’s background against a likely career path with you.
  • You will be able to review the long list and decide who should go forward to the short list.
  • We take over again and perform a brief secondary interview with the short list candidates, answering any questions you may have had about each.
  • A brief written report will be prepared listing each candidates pros and cons.
  • You will manage your interview schedule and process while we await your choices.
  • When you have selected someone, made an offer and they have accepted, we will notify the remaining unsuccessful candidates.
  • If you were not able to make an offer, our recruiting team will look through additional applicants. We will not stop until you have found the match you want.

(one-time purchase)

(5% discount)