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Designed for

Small-Medium Organizations

Custom Search for Very Senior Executive

Small-Medium Definition

  • an organization with between 16 and 250 employees
  • contractors not included in employee count

What You Get

  • advice on your job description and job posting
  • a dedicated executive recruiter who has held C-Suite positions in SMEs before
  • creation of job posting
  • use of client-provided video for social posts (or we can create for an additional £500)
  • sourcing candidates
  • initial screening
  • attitude assessment match
  • aptitude assessment match (role specific)
  • skills match
  • direct to short listing process
  • discussion with hiring manager throughout
  • full screening interview with short list candidates
  • full write-up on shortlisted candidates
  • right-to-work document checks
  • background checks completed
  • references checked
  • 100% notification to candidates
  • start search at any time after the purchase (no limit)
  • not complete until you have had an offer accepted

9% of Agreed Base Salary


  • deposit of £3,500 starts the search
  • final fee is 9% of agreed base annual salary (subject to a minimum fee of £6,000)
  • fee balance due 15 days from candidate acceptance of offer

What We Do

  • Our full service executive search program provides you full support through the recruiting process. You will be assigned an executive recruiter who will lead the search and be the person you work with throughout.
  • Once you have given us your expectations for the role to be filled, and the most likely person to fit the role, we take over from there and do all the work until presenting you with our preferred long list.
  • We will performa an initial interview with any credible candidates prior to long listing.
  • You will be able to review the long list and decide who should go forward to the short list.
  • We take over again and interview the short list candidates. In the interview we will explore any ideas or concerns you had when reviewing their CVs. The recruiting team will look into web searches and other data sources to get further intelligence on the candidate if its available.
  • Following the interviews, the recruiting team will meet with the executive recruiter and the short listed candidates will be discussed from several perspectives. A written report will be prepared listing each candidates pros and cons.
  • At this point, we will ask you to select the top 2 candidates from the short list and we will arrange interviews on your schedule. Upon conclusion, we’ll gather your feedback.
  • If you have selected someone, we will notify the other candidates that the role has closed and we will offer them some suggestions from our team on ways they might present better in the future.
  • We will hold the top two candidates while you make an offer and when that has been accepted, we will notify the unsuccessful candidate.
  • We will now obtain references to be sent to you, or to be sent to us for checking. We will also order, or provide background checks so the selected candidate is ready to work.
  • If you were not able to make an offer to the top two candidates, our senior recruiter will look through additional applicants and the remainder on the short list. We will not stop until you have found the match you want.