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How to stay organised

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Ilinka and you can find me on Instagram: @ilinkabeckles_va or Twitter: @ilinkabecklesva

Hi everyone, can you believe we are already in the second month of the year! Time has flown by these past few months and boom a new year, a new set of goals, new memories to make.

Personally in both my personal life and professional I like to prepare for the new year as for me it allows me to have a fresh start and aims of what I want to achieve in 2023. So I am sharing a few of the tips and things that I do to stay organised through the year;

  1. Clean work space/home: I always like to clean my work space every Sunday so that everything is fresh and clean for when I am back to work after the weekend, this way I have a refresh in myself and a refresh of my workplace/home.
  2. Making lists: I do this professionally, I find lists a good way to tick things off when completed, for example I will add to my list this year to attend 3 courses about marketing then once i have done this i will tick it off so at the end of the year i know what i have achieved. I like to add things that I want to do throughout the year and tick them off, this way I have the sense of achievement that I like to have in my personal and professional life for my own development. 
  3. Clearing Technology: On my work devices including my computer I like to check all of my inboxes before I finish work for the holidays so that I know I am going into the new year when I am back from annual leave that I have read all of my emails for the previous year and completed all of the tasks I wanted to. I like to clear messages and emails that I no longer need or find important from my devices or archive them so that I know in 2023 I only have things I need access to without any of the junk, I do this every six months
  4. Taking time off: I am one of the privileged few who has annual leave (time off) in between Christmas and New Year so I like to make sure for every two days i am doing some sort of activity such as meeting friends, completing my hobbies that I have one day for every two that I just rest and reset my mind a little bit. Sometimes when working you have to make sure you relax and take the time for yourself where you can so when you really have the chance to have time off.

If you have any organisation tips please tweet me as I would love to hear them.

Have a great new year and wishing you continued health and happiness through 2023, and as always if you have any questions about the Academy you can message us on our website, via social media or email Have a fantastic weekend and keep taking every opportunity to grow and learn. 

Take care,


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