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HR Infospace

If you are unsure of your exact needs, book a free HR consultation today with one of our specialists.

Our services will each fall into at least one of these categories. Categories which all come under the umbrella of  Human Resources. HR is complex with everyone having a slightly different understanding, the main overall goal and aim is to develop your people, have the most efficient and healthy processes in your work place, resulting in optimising a business.

Human Capital Solution

People make the difference in every workplace we know. Human capital is the value of these people and the right fit between need and performance is essential to maintain efficient working.

Talent & Productivity Management

Tools to set clear objectives, goals, and future evolution for each teammate. Promoting the culture of vision, passion, and self-motivation to shine as the company star.

People Engagement & Retention

Engaged people develop a deep sense of connection and commitment to their work, fostering a positive culture.

Learning & Development Management

A culture that is well-matched to strategy is empowering, however, a mismatch can damage or even destroy.

DEI: Intervention Cycle

  • Request a needs assessment.
  • DEI facilitator: Become certified in one six-month cycle
  • Workplace support: Up to 3 of your people become DEI Facilitators in one six-month cycle

Human Resources Optimisation: Simple

You get: A tailored programme for the necessary members of staff (managers, or all employees) which is provided after we asses your personal situation and engage with employees. This may involve one, multiple, or even all of the services listed above.

With access to psychological tests, skills tests, comparative models, we increase the productivity of the people and the company. Facilitating the implementation of your development plan on a project, or bi-annual basis.