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Neocharismatic Leadership™ is a trademark of Neocharismatic Leadership LLC. and is used under license.

  • www the sheer number of problems we face across the world today needs everyone to be a leader in some respect
  • multicultural tension leads to learning from others and eventually acceptance and collaboration
  • you are a leader if people will follow you on a particular activity, so find that activity you need to lead
  • decide what impact you can (should) make on your local community, your sphere of influence, the world with our help
  • stop thinking of leadership in a corporate sense, we all lead and we all follow
  • lead with altruism – authentic purpose is the cornerstone of Neocharismatic Leadership™

join with friends and colleagues and take part in the conversation

share your ideas with Ghadah and Martin and have your question addressed in a podcast

share your ideas and experiences to help others who may be struggling with the very issues you have encountered (or mastered)

use the book as your guide to development, use the podcasts to expand on your understanding, then contribute

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