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Want to be an NHS Non-Executive Director?

NHS Non-Executive Preparation

Key items to note:

  • You don’t have to have big company, or government experience
  • NHS Boards are seeking broader community participation
  • You can be guided by top-rated NHS non-executives
  • Get encouragement and support, so you are confident and ready
  • Get support when you apply for non-executive roles

What is a Non-Executive Director in the NHS

Boards are always looking for talented people to be effective in chair and non-executive director roles in the NHS. To make the best possible decisions NHS boards need diverse, inclusive and compassionate leadership. Boards made up of people with a mix of experience and skills gained from a range of backgrounds and lived experience bring fresh ideas, greater challenge and more robust decision making. All you need is to understand needs and priorities of your local communities and to be able to hold the confidence of patients and the public. As they are currently under-represented in chair and non-executive roles there is a particularly emphasis on seeking women, people from the local black and minority ethnic communities and disabled people.

How We Help You

Contact us to see how and where you would be able to contribute most effectively. NHS Boards hire non-executive directors for contracted periods, usually 3 or 6 years and so there are always vacancies coming up as existing non-executives come to the end of their terms. Time for you to prepare. We will work with you to decide:

  • the type of NHS Trusts that would benefit most from your participation
  • the types of work you’d be asked to do and potential roles
  • whether you’d like to lead committees and which ones
  • how to go about finding a role
  • looking for specific training if necessary
  • gaining confidence and learning the key aspects

It costs nothing to speak to us. It might be the best thing you do and it might benefit the NHS enormously with your participation.

Assessment & Preparation

Understanding The Role

Finding the Right First Opportunity

Confidence & Readiness