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NHS Non-Executive Director Recruitment

NHS Non-Executive Recruitment

Helping you recruit the best non-executive directors is our passion, and one that helps the NHS deliver on benefits for all. Key items to note:

  • We don’t just look in the usual places for candidates
  • We test candidates for understanding of governance, assurance and risk
  • We test candidates against your values to see if they can live them in post
  • We test candidate ability to perform without crossing the executive line
  • We test candidate understanding of the key issues you are having

Why We’re Different

Our team supports several good governance functions and assessments. With members having held NHS non-executive positions and who have performed well at the role, we are able to bring to bear a unique insight into what makes the best candidate. We are also able to help determine the right mix of skills and perspectives on a Board. An NHS Board should reflect the diversity of the community it serves but too often, people hesitate to apply as they feel they haven’t had senior roles in large organisations or haven’t run businesses. We seek out people who have something to contribute regardless of work experience and develop those who just need a boost in confidence or a boost in understanding of the role.

How We Help You

Whether you just need us to provide a credible list of candidates, or whether we assist you right through to the final decision, you’ll find working with us just makes sense. Our flat fee rates also help to keep your costs to a minimum while maximising the outcome. We will work with you:

  • to decide the type of non-executive you need for your current strategy
  • to identify the perspectives you currently don’t have and need
  • to name the diverse experiences that bring a unique perspective to bear
  • to

and we deliver for you:

  • tested candidates who can ace the role, challenge, and support with respect
  • candidates who really identify with the values at your Trust
  • candidates who show the right level of inquisitiveness and enthusiasm

It costs nothing to speak to us. It might be the best thing you do for your Trust and it might benefit the NHS enormously overall.

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