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Stress at work, from a Psychologist.

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Hello Everyone ,

My name is Nida Arshad I am currently working as an organisational psychologist at Vision Achievement.

This blog is about mental health awareness, specifically the stress we encounter at our workplaces. Being part of an organisation I can see most of my coworkers experience this often.

In the past few years, awareness has grown remarkably about mental health. Sometimes work stress hits you like a tonne of bricks directed at your mental health. Whether it is due to a repressive boss, low salaries, less opportunities for growth, toxic environment, excessive workload, or competition with colleagues. The work-life stress is a massive issue in world right now.

As a psychologist I know how work stress can contribute to problems such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, obesity, headache, stomachache. Lets have a look to some of the tips to manage or cope with work stress.

Track your stressors: Record your routine, your emotions, your thoughts, information about environment including people around you and reflect on it to know which things or events can trigger and increase your stress.

Set a limit or boundaries at work: You are not a super-human who can do everything every time. You need to prioritise your tasks according to your ease.

Find a work buddy: Having good friends at work can help you better to focus and handle work. For example do lunch together, have coffee together, go for walks at breaks.

Plan ahead to stay organised: Try to organise and plan your day activities with a to-do list. Keeping your self organised can avoid rushing and negative effects.

Minimise multi-tasking: Its better to split tasks and focus on one task at one time, focusing on many tasks at the same time can cause rush and stress. Focusing on one specific task can minimise interruptions.

Talk to supervisor: Employee health has been linked with productivity at work and its your boss’ job to create a healthy environment at work. Start by having an open conversation, it shouldn’t be just giving them a complain list.

Find a healthy hobby or activity: Finding a healthy and healing activity or hobby can help you to relax. It can divert your mind to something which you love to do.

Get some support: If you think that stress is chronic and triggering you more and more don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your helper can be your friends, your family, or a psychologist.

People who are experiencing exorbitant stress at work often cope with it in unhealthy ways, such as smoking, drugs, eating unhealthy food, and alcohol. Stress is not to be taken lightly! 

Work is a momentous part of our daily life and enormously influences all other aspects of our well being, it is important to develop some stress coping strategies to handle any kind of stress in our daily lives, specifically at our work places.

I hope this was helpful. Don’t forget you can find us across various social platforms where we post about our recruiting services and career mentoring, we are here to offer support. See you next week. You may also be interested in VUCANAV our stress and wellbeing toolkit. Check that out here:



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