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National Apprenticeship Week 2024

  • Education
  • 3 min read

Embracing Diverse Paths: Navigating Education and Career Journeys In a world that values individuality, it’s essential to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education and career development. Each person’s journey is unique, shaped by their distinct learning styles and personal preferences. National Apprenticeship Week serves as a timely… 

A person working on writing a case study with a pen in their hand at a desk with a cup of coffee.

Unlocking Business Growth: A Case Study on Reducing Recruiting Costs, Enhancing Quality, and Speeding Up Hiring

Read time: 2 minutes. Hi! It’s Heather here and I wanted to tell you about our case study showing real life benefits to our career development services. In the ever-evolving world of business, the success of any organisation heavily relies on its ability to attract, hire, and retain top talent.… 

Finding Your Passion: Tips for discovering your true passions and aligning your life with your purpose.

Read time: 3minutes Good afternoon!  I’m Kat, a researcher at Vision Achievement and today I have been thinking about the concept of passion and purpose.  There are still a lot of people facing various challenges relating to their passion and purpose. From what I have read from the Harvard Business… 

Navigating Transitions: Supporting Students During Exam Season

Read Time: 2minutes 50seconds Good afternoon, it’s Heather here (  As the middle of exam season approaches for school and university students, the air is filled with anticipation, stress, and the hope for academic success. At Vision Achievement, we understand the importance of supporting students during this crucial time of… 

Bullying Support 2022

  • Lifestyle
  • 3 min read

Reading time: 2 minutes Hello, It’s Heather here today. I’m sure many of you saw across social media it was anti-bullying week last week. A lot of schools and places of education will have mentioned this I’m sure, as places still strive to end bullying.  Bullying is something which is…