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Things to do before University

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: August 24, 2022

A lot of you will have just discover what your short term future holds with A-level grades having been released and those opting to go down the university route mostly will have their placements sorted. Term won’t start for nearly a whole month for most people so, what should you be doing in the meantime?

First off, Enjoy yourself. It may be the last time you see some o your friends from home until Christmas break or longer so make sure to get together before you all go separate ways. You should also make plans to meet up at each others university’s if you would like to bring a taste of home during the first term. 

Secondly you should be getting prepared for your next step, this includes purchasing all the textbooks, any appliances or items you might need to take with you for your accommodation so that it doesn’t feel like living in a prison cell for 9 months of the year. Maybe print some photographs of memories, family and friends to decorate what is often a very baron room.

Thirdly you should at least devote some time to consider what you will do after university. Yes it may seem ages away for some it may be over 5 years yet but going into university with an idea of what you want to get out it is a great way to motivate yourself and know what the balance of work and social life should be. If you know you want to go straight from university into a job you should realise that there are thousands of other students with the exact same thought process so you need to know what would make you more employable. 

This is where our transitions to work series comes in we aim to supply young people who are wanting to get their first foot in the door or to look forward to their future in the workplace so that we can let them know how the best way to approach university and applying for jobs in the future so that they are the first ones out of university for example to be looked at by employers.

Lastly you should research your university city. Most of you if not all will already have done this prior to applying but now its confirmed you will enjoy exploring what there is to do. Are there any parks or restaurants near your campus? Or what do you want to do during freshers week? Look out for any clubs or societies you might want to get involved with too.

As always if you have any questions about the Academy you can message us on our website, via social media or email Have a fantastic weekend and keep taking every opportunity to grow and learn

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