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Things to Normalise in the Workplace

In this fast-paced life there are lots of things which need to be normalised in our daily routine, but today we’ll be discuss the things which need to be normalised at work. Here are some of them.

Mental Health:
Prioritising mental health and embracing a supportive work culture can transform attitudes and well-being in the workplace. 

Time off for mental health:
Mental health challenges can be draining when you enter your workplace, and make you feel like you need to push them aside to be productive at work. Mental health challenges can manifest themselves in many ways including lacking enthusiasm, stress, depression, fatigue, being less creative in problem solving etc, all of which can cause problems for you, your team, and your employer. As with physical health problems, you are legally entitled to time off when you are struggling with mental health.

Conversations about mental health:
It can be hard to discuss or talk about mental health and wellness in a workplace. But sometimes having this conversation with your colleagues and employer can make you feel les stressed and overwhelmed. It shows a tremendous amount of strength. 

Asking for help:
Sometimes at work we avoid asking for help from a teammate or employer as we believe this can lead to others having a negative opinion about us. We need to normalise asking for and receiving help, this just leads to better work.

Listening to feedback:
We need to normalise feedback culture at work, whether it’s an employer who is giving feedback or employee about company. We may not be receiving the kind of feedback we want to hear, but we need to be open whether it is negative or positive. It can help you improve. 

Recognising Achievements:
Recognition serves as a tool for reinforcing the behaviour that drives an organisation to excellence and gives a vital boost to employees performance. When you reward employees for their contributions and achievements, they feel ownership and are willing to work extra hard. This can help with employee retention problems also. 

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