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Weird habits in the workplace.

Hello, it’s Heather here this week!

Hope everyone’s had a good week and haven’t had to put up with too much of what you might be about to read…

Some may be funny, some might be odd, and some might be just annoying but I’ve been doing some searching to find some of the weirdest office habits. (If any of my co-workers are reading this, I got my information from google, not from watching you guys!)


In Finland saunas are a part of every day life for many people. This even stretches to work. Sometimes business meetings can take place in one! This is actually a good sign for the transaction and shows the company and clients want to get to know each other in a more informal environment. I’m not sure how much more informal you could get.

Baby Grinch

A user on twitters self proclaimed weird habit is that he has a framed photo of Baby Grinch at his desk… Whatever keeps your motivated.

Smelly food

According to business insiders report on ‘ways you’re annoying your co-workers’ the top smelly foods which should stay out of the office are:

-Reheated fish

-Hard boiled eggs

-Brussel sprouts

-Raw onions


-Tuna salad

-Stinky cheese 

Excessive nodding

This is one for the people who work from home. Apparently multiple people have realised on video calls they are over-compensating for the lack of physical interaction and are over-eagerly nodding along, way more than what would happen in a ‘normal’ meeting, even leading to sore necks! I’m not sure where the company insurance lies on that one.


We thought we’d end on a good and healthy habit. Oh it is so easy for bits and pieces, papers and notes to start cluttering up your desk but it really is worth taking the time out, maybe even weekly, to have a clean of your desk/ working space.

I wonder if anyone reading has any of these habits, the good or bad! Let us know if you (or even someone in your office) has a particularly weird habit.

As always you can contact me on or my instagram @HeatherStewart_VA or twitter @HeatherSt_VA or find the group accounts @AchievementAcademyGroup on Instagram or @AcademyGROUPva on twitter!

Speak soon!


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